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Risher Cabin And Upper Pond

Map Location – #14 
Kathwood Road, Jackson, SC 29831

Owned by The Silver Bluff Audubon Center
Located on 50 acres of pine forests and 2 ponds, this old clubhouse’s main part was at least 50 years old when Ellenton-Jackson resident Eldon Risher bought it in 1957. The property included the old clubhouse and an upper pond from the Christopher Hammond estate. Risher later built a 2-acre pond in front of the old wooden clubhouse. The canal which runs behind the clubhouse was dug to run water from Hollow Creek, which was diverted in the early 1900s at the upper pond, through Kathwood Lake to a spillway that powered a cotton gin, cotton seed oil mill, grist mill and flour mill. After Risher died in 1991, the Silver Bluff Audubon Center purchased the property in 1992 and uses the cabin for meetings and interns.

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