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Zubly Cemetery

Map Location – #12 
Forrest Drive, Jackson, SC 29831

The oldest established cemetery in Beech Island, Zubly Cemetery is the final resting place of David Zubly, Jr. (1738-1790) and his wife, Ann Meyer (1744-1795), the daughter of Ulrich Meyer. Their newly marked graves are located in the vacant space in the middle of the cemetery. All but one of the Zublys’ five daughters are buried in Zubly Cemetery. On May 21, 1855, Mary Ann Mills, who is buried at Zubly, deeded the cemetery to the descendants of Samuel, Ulrich and John Clarke, and Capt. John Miller. In 2001, the Zubly Cemetery Association, Inc. was organized to oversee the preservation of the cemetery, and in 2007 and 2009, the association added 4.10 more acres to the cemetery property to protect the cemetery from future development.

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